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 Hello, my darlings, is everything alright with you ? I hope so =)

Well my loves today's post is special for men, yes today the post is dedicated to them (and I confess that to help us women too, because we always have a man to give as a gift, be it husband, fiance, boyfriend, father, brother , uncle and so on) .Then thinking about it I decided to bring some options of TACTICAL CLOTHING for them. But before showing some models let's go to a brief summary of what are the tactical clothes.

Tactical clothes are usually made of synthetic material, resistant to tears and help to better protect the wearer, they are also more flexible and comfortable clothes

So now knowing all this, I chose some models to show you and they are from the WAYRATES store. So let's check ...

Starting with this beautiful jacket, super resistant to wind and rain and with lots of pockets

And you can find this beautiful coat by CLICKING HERE   

Now I come to show you a very important and useful item for those who practice outdoor activities or sports

A waterproof and multifunction belt

And you can find this incredible belt by CLICKING HERE

My next choice is these multifunctional pants, very resistant and comfortable

And these pants you find CLICKING HERE   

And to protect a very important part that are the hands you have these wonderful and very resistant gloves

And these gloves you can find by CLICKING HERE

Now let's talk about something indispensable too, which are  MENS TACTICAL BOOTS, which are boots and shoes that are indispensable for practicing sports and outdoor activities because they are more resistant and comfortable and of course they convey a lot of style to the look

Starting with this very casual model, excellent for long walks with great comfort and style

And you can find this beautiful shoe by CLICKING HERE

And for those who practice climbing and or other more extreme sports, have suitable shoes, these wonderful boots

And you can find this boot by CLICKING HERE 

So my loves are many options of clothes and tactical shoes that you find at WAYRATES, there are pieces for everyone who likes the style and a super gift tip now for the end of the year

So already write down the website and arrange your holiday shopping

So that's it my loves

Stay with God

Kisses and until next time


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